Every good fairy tale ends with “and they all lived happily ever after”. It’s a lovely sentiment, but there’s something missing. The adventure shouldn’t end with the happily ever after, and neither should the romance.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (or, four years ago in Durham, North Carolina, but that doesn’t sound quite as impressive), two young women – both, by a strange quirk of fate, named Emma – met and fell in love. Since then, their adventures have taken them across twenty two states, four countries, and two continents. They’ve even battled with the bureaucracy of the United States Department of Immigration in order to get married. Now, armed with their wedding rings, their camera, and their sense of adventure, they are embarking on an epic quest to prove that what happens after saying “I do” can be just as much fun as what happens before it.



Emma H is a 27 year old former corn-field-dweller finally living the city life! When she’s not at work, she likes playing video games, photography, adventure, and glitter. She’s never met a puppy she didn’t love. Or a cat. Or a fish. As soon as she checks something off the bucket list, she adds something new! 




Emma V is a 26 year old British expatriate living in Washington DC. A perpetual student currently pursuing a master’s degree in environmental science, her hobbies include drinking tea, watching wildlife, reading anything that stays still long enough, and maintaining the most organised bucket list in the world.