The ‘Rise’ of Emma the Baker

When Emma V was away, I used to watch a lot of British TV shows because the accents soothed me. (I do the same sort of thing when I‘m feeling homesick. ‘The Inbetweeners’ isn’t exactly what I’d call soothing, but it makes me laugh and think of my brothers. And there’s always ‘Red Dwarf’, which is practically a religion in our family.) When she finally came home, we took to watching the Great British Bake Off together. And let me tell you… I believe it is physically impossible to watch this show without wanting to immediately whip out some flour and butter and bake ALL THE THINGS. I mean, just look at these amazing things… a bicycle made of bread? Or these canapés that look like a tiny adorable vegetable garden?? OR THESE GINGERBREAD PIRATES?!? Seriously, let me quit my day job and just learn how to do this right now.

But then I thought about it logically and I said to myself “I have made some cakes and breads in my life, but these people are practically professionals. I need to chillax.” and I temporarily laid aside my dreams of total baking domination. But I am not giving up, I am merely deciding that our kitchen needs to live to bake another day! Instead of jumping straight into bread sculptures that look like lions (seriously, check this stuff out. It’s on Netflix. And it is so wonderfully, ridiculously British. Everyone is very polite and everything is very wholesome – apart from the innuendos – and every now and then it cuts to shots of frolicking lambs or grazing cows for no apparent reason.) I thought okay, what is something that is hard to bake, but also is not a full on work of art? And it hit me! What is notoriously hard to make but requires relatively few ingredients?


souffle<— This is the IDEAL situation here… I can’t beat Martha

Recipe (and image):

I decided this is it! This is my moment to train for the Great British Bake Off! Not to mention, it will make a delicious dessert to have for a date night with my beautiful wife who has a serious chocolate addiction. 🙂 I have no idea what you’re talking about. Ahem. So I consulted the internet for a recipe, summoned my courage, and buckled down! First I had to melt the chocolate fancily over boiling water my brother Mark, star of his food tech class at school, taught me that this is called a bain-marieinstead of in the microwave like a heathen. Then came the scary part… I had to beat the egg whites until they were stiff, locking in enough air to make the souffle rise. And then, when that was done, I had to mix the chocolate in without losing all that air! I had no idea if I was doing it right, but it looked okay? I think? Maybe? I thought so, but I was supervising from a safe distance. My opinion probably doesn’t count for much.

Then all that was left to do was bake it and hope it rose and didn’t collapse! And after like half an hour or so, here was the final product!!

It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t half bad if I do say so myself! Especially hot, delicious chocolate souffle served with cold vanilla ice cream!


So there you have it, training for the Great British Bake Off and fabulous date night complete. 🙂 NEXT time maybe a full bread sculpture. We shall see.


If you have shared any fun times creating sugary sweet date nights together (or on a date with yourself a la Anne from Parks and Rec!) and have any fun stories, share them with us on instagram or twitter @emmasquaredblog!

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Sources for images of Great British Bake Off Images above:

Bread-cycle by Tamal Ray

Gingerbread Pirates by Richard Burr

Veggie Canapés by Frances Quinn


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